The Lollo Plaza is almost complete!

17/05/2013 21:17

Hey Everyone!

I haven't posted in a while as I have been working hard with my artists, programmers and moderators to develop Lollo! So I thought it was time I gave you guys another sneek peek! As you may know, the Lollo Plaza will be the first room on the island, I posted a rough drawing of the plaza a while ago but we have changed it a little! Lets see:

1. Cam's Cafe has been sold to Kim and is now called Kim's Cafe

2. There is no walkways through the sides of the fountian

3. The step entrance has changed sides

4. Minor colour changes

5. Texture and effects added

Now, dont worry about the white parts because we are not yet finished! We will make sure the whole world is bright and colourful for you guys! We will also be fixing the window colours and most other things that you can see are a little sloppy. The small thin lines that you see in the picture are just from the sizing (I have to make the image smaller to fit on the page) you can see the full size picture here (thanks to Lightshot)

I also have some other updates for you guys! We would like to welcome Carpetman and Dirdor to the team! Carpetman is our latest moderator who started working for us a few weeks ago now. And Dirdor started a few days ago and is our artist who will draw the catalogs and promo art! We soon will be moving websites too! A few days ago I spoke to our server provider and she said

"Hi *****, Unfortunatley our servers will not be able to handle a large game like the one you are currently working on. I hope you find another server provider soon."

We will be moving to the same servers as MiniMonos (If any of you played) they are based in New Zeland and are close to one of our Co-Owners. He will be incharge of that!