The Discovery of Lollo - The Story Behined

01/06/2013 21:24

Hey guys! Its your friend Buisnessguy here! I have some exciting news for you! I have just finished writing the official Lollo Story! called "The Discovery of Lollo - The Story Behined" I have generated a PDF version which you can view / download here! Or you can see a text version below!


Back in the year 1990, a ship called the Odyssey was about to set a course for the Bermuda triangle, destined to discover the unknown. The ship was captained by no other than Captain Sea Voyager! No one knew his real name, except for his trusty sidekick Parrot Flappers, but he was never to tell the secret that he knew. Voyager got his name 100 years ago, when he sailed the seven seas to find the almighty never aging potion held in hand by Professor Matthew. Until this day, Voyager had used the potion to keep himself alive but it came with a cost. Prof. Matthew was his dearest and oldest friend. Voyager betrayed Matthew and their friendship was frozen in time.

The Odyssey set sail at 9:00 AM on January 25 1990, no one knew it was destined to discover such a mystery.

“Mr Voyager sir?” Said one of his crew in a nervous voice.

“Whoa! Who, what, where, when?! Oh it’s only you. What’s your name again?”

“Its Frankie sir. Umm just letting you know that we are nearing the Bermuda Triangle. Once again sir, I warn you not to go there!”

“Poppycock” Said Voyager in a stern voice. “If someone else has ventured into the Triangle then heck, I can too!”

Frankie knew that Voyager was not going to turn around, that was his personality. All that he could do right then was to get everyone down into the crew quarters. “Eye, Eye sir. I will get everyone down into their quarters immediately. “Sound the alarm Heddie. That ought to get them down there quick enough” Frankie yelled.

Heddie was the ship’s most unpopular person there was on the ship. She had only recently joined the crew after Matthew was released from gaol on the account of trying to destroy Voyager.

Later that night while Frankie was on lookout from the porthole, he saw the scariest thing he would ever see! “OH MY GOODNESS!” Frankie said through the sound tubes “The clouds! They, they just appeared out of nowhere!” Frankie heard footsteps up the ladder, it was only Voyager, but usually when he is near Frankie he is demanding. But this time, he was speechless and his mouth was held wide open. Frankie was looking down the stairs still, and did not see what was appearing from the sea.

“Whir, whir, WHIRLPOOL!” spoke Voyager in a tone like he had just got back from running the New York Marathon. Frankie turned around with a puzzled, yet surprized look on his face. Before they both knew it, the whirlpool was so big, it was sucking in the Odyssey.

The boat shook, pipes blew steam and water everywhere. The boat was falling apart. Frankie and Voyager leapt to their feet trying not to topple onto each other. What they saw next, sent a shiver down their spine.

Around them was a huge spinning whirlpool, and at the bottom, some kind of underground island! What could it be?! “The water just disappears at the end of it!” Said Voyager in the loudest voice he had, yet even that was no match against the pounding whirlpool.

The whirlpool is just about to end and Voyager opens up a secret control panel, encased in the walls of the lookout tower. Then, all of a sudden wings and a propeller start to open up out of the ship! With great care Voyager slowly lowers the ship onto the island. Odyssey touches down and the steps open down onto the ground. The crew slowly crawl out of the ship. Their heads dizzy from the spinning around and around the whirlpool.

“Oo, what are these?” said one of the crew in a dizzy voice. “They look like monkeys, but they have a shorter tail and their fur is super long and fuzzy!

“Let’s call them Lollolians! They look like monkeys but funnier!” said Voyager with a chuckle “And this island can be called Lollo, because it made me laugh!”

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