Lollo Sneak Peeks!

11/05/2013 18:53

Hey guys!

It's your friend buisnessguy here! Today I have some cool sneek peeks for you! Including, a current list of staff, mascot names and advantages of meeting one and some other things!

Surrent staff list:

Here I have a list of our current Admins and moderators!

Buisnessguy (Admin)

Tommy (Admin)

Jhawi (Admin)

Chewer (Moderator)

Yeknom (Moderator)

Mascot Names and other things:

Lollo : The main mascot on Lollo!

Beta : Only avalible during the Beta Testing!

Alpha : Only avalible from when we open until the end of Beta

Cam : The owner of the cafe, his son works behined the counter in the Cafe!

Ricky : The wildest mascot there is! He hosts HEAPS of Pop Up Partys each day giving out gifts!

Dr Frank : He created the EVIL monster Germe when he was under the power of rouge spy Billy B

Germe : Was created by Dr Frank when he was being controlled by Billy B

Billy B : Went rouge when he was accused of stealing from the spy agency, and has been an evil mastermind ever since!

Why to meet a mascot?

If you meet a mascot, you can get a free gift from their journal! AND when Ricky hosts some Pop Up Partys, he gives out gifts for winning games!

Donating to Lollo Development:

You can donate to Lollo Development by clicking here (Our donations page is not yet ready). From when we open our donations page, you can doante $10, $20, $30, $40 or $50 (Australian Dollars) to help cover the cost of server hosting, full features for the website, domain registration and other programming and artistry costs! If you donte you can get a free "$" item for your account, you also get early access to EVERYTHING for the first month before anyone else can!