Lollo Plaza preview: Concept Sketch

08/05/2013 19:07

Hey guys! I have been working hard with the other co-owners (Tommy & Jhawi) to develop a concept drawing of the Lollo Plaza! When we open, (at this stage) it will be the only room avalible to citizens or pre-registers. Here is what we came up with for the basic outline of the Lollo Plaza, and dont worry the logo will not be included in the room!

Whats in the room:

Left of image: The future shop (to be called "SHOPPE")

Middle of image: A water fountian coming out of a wall

Next to the fountian (both sides): Construction room (Only avalible during Alpha Testing)

Right of the image: The future cafe called "Cam's Cafe"

Hope to like the design! We will add colour and effects soon!