Lollo Jobs and Updates!

22/05/2013 20:39

Hey guys!

Its your friend buisnessguy here! Today I am going to tell you how you can apply to work on Lollo and some things that we have been working on at Lollo HQ! First up I will tell you about how you can apply to work on Lollo!

How to work on Lollo:

We have a brand new page on the lollo site called staff apps (If you cannot see the page click here). Select a page from the dropdown that you would like to apply for! We are looking for artists, 5 moderators, sound technicians and programmers! Read on to see job descriptions!


Artists must have Adobe Illistrator and Adobe Flash to be compattible with Lollo. You will also need to have a drawing tablet, preflibly a Wacom Bamboo Tablet (click for more info). Artists would mainly work on catalogs, new rooms and other items. You have 1 - 2 months to work with me and the other artists to develop designs for these. (New catalog every month).


Moderators get a PDF document to read the detailed rules and regulations of Lollo. It is your job to read through ALL messages sent on Lollo to see which ones are innapropiate. Innapropiate messages are to be emailed as a quote to Tommy and he will deal with what to do with the message. You also get to help new players on the island. (Any innapropiate messages found by mods get automaticly kicked off the team ans 2 week suspension).


Your job is to find music and sound effects to suit the up comming theme week. It is also your job to find music for rooms. You WILL need to email the producer for copyright issues unless you get the music especially produced. You will need to email me the copyright notice.


It is your job to help Jhawi in programming the game. You must have experiance in programming and know how to code Flash.

We have also been working hard on testing some parts of the game and drawing the Lollo Plaza! We are a long way from finishing the world and unfortunatley the game will have to be delayed until July 13 before we can open, as we are finding more and more things that we have to build before we open!


Sorry for the bug guys! We had an error with the application which accidentally removed it from the site. The application is now up!